For your convenience, we have three methods of payment.

1 . GIRO 

Please download, fill and mail the GIRO Form to us to set this up as your recurring payment.

Click here for GIRO FORM Download


  • You will receive the GIRO Form in the welcome email when your application to switch to us is completed. You may also download and print out the GIRO Form here.
  • Only fill in Part 1 of the GIRO Form.
  • Do not use correction tape or make any cancellation.
  • Once completed, please mail the original GIRO Form back to us at
    ‘1 CleanTech Loop, #02-08 CleanTech One, Singapore 637141’.
  • It will take approximately 3 weeks to complete the application.


  1. Date of the application
  2. Name of the Bank, Example: UOB, DBS, OCBC
  3. Full Name as in Bank Account
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. Contact Number
  6. Signature / Thumbprint


Use your unique account number to transfer payment to UOB. This unique account number allows us to identify your payment, and you do not need to input payment reference details.

Unique Account Number for Internet Bank Transfer

  • In the electricity bill, you will receive a 14-digit Payment Account Number.
  • This Payment Account Number is located at the top right of each page and at the last page as shown.
  • This Payment Account Number is unique only to you.
  • Transfer to UOB and key in your Payment Account Number as the account number to transfer to.
  • When we receive your payment, it will be identified as payment for your electricity bill.
  • Save this payee so you can conveniently transfer your monthly payment to us.


Make a cheque payable to ‘Diamond Energy Merchants Pte Ltd’. On the back of the cheque, write your unique account number and drop it into any UOB cheque deposit box.

Unique Account Number for Cheque

  • On the front of the cheque, indicate ‘Diamond Energy Merchants Pte Ltd’ as the payee.
  • On the back of the cheque, indicate the 14-digit Payment Account Number (as indicated in your bill) as the account number.
  • This Payment Account Number is unique only to you.
  • Fill in ‘Diamond Energy Merchants Pte Ltd’ in the Name section.
  • Fill ‘6342 6663’ in the Contact section.
  • Once completed, please drop the cheque into any UOB cheque deposit box.

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