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Security Deposits

The calculation of the Security Deposit is 2 months electricity bills and the formula is: 
(Average monthly consumption based on the latest 3 months electricity consumption) multiply by (The current regulated tariff)  multiply by (2 months)

Residential customers* – In the event that no historical billing information is made available to Diamond Electric, the security deposit will be as indicated below:

*Currently security deposit is waived for residential customers when they sign up to Diamond Electric's plans

Business customers – In the event that no historical billing information is available, kindly contact our customer service hotline at

6-DIAMOND (6342-6663).

Schedule of Third-party rates

DescriptionRateUnitParty Charged To
EMC Charges
Energy Market Company Administration Charges (EMC Fees)variable$ / kWhDiamond Electric
Power System Operator Administration Charges (PSO Fees)variable
Hourly Energy Uplift Rebate (HEUR)variable
Monthly Energy Uplift Charges (MEUC)variable
Allocated Regulation Price (AFP)variable
Uniform Singapore Energy Price (USEP)variable
Transmission Use-of-System Charges
Peak Period Charges $                                     0.0568$ / kWhDiamond Electric
Off Peak Period Charges $                                     0.0427
Recurring Market Support Service Charges
Meter Reading and Data Management $                                         2.33$ / meterDiamond Electric
Market Development and Systems Charge $                                0.004263$ / kWh
Retail Settlement Uplift  $                                0.001217$ / kWh
Telephone Line Subscription used for Remote Meter Reading (if applicable)Fixed Line: $13.38/month
GSM Line: $16.05/month
$ / accountConsumer
Value Added Services
Paper Bill (if applicable)$1.07$ / billConsumer
AMI Installation Fee (if applicable)$42.80$ / meterConsumer
Other Charges
GIRO Admin. Charge per GIRO Rejection$1.07$ / timeConsumer
Credit/Debit/Cheque Admin. Charge per Payment Rejection $5.35$ / timeConsumer
Account Closure / Ad-hoc Meter Reading$10.70 / $21.40$ / timeConsumer

*Electricity tariffs are regulated by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and are revised every three months. The current regulated tariff is 23.43 cents/kWh without GST and 25.07 cents/kWh with GST (1 October to 31 December 2019) 


Please view Terms & Conditions here.



There will be a charge of $10.70 (inclusive of GST) for account closure collected on behalf of SP Services in the event you close your account directly with us 


you may notify us 30 days in advance to allow us to switch your account back to SP Services, there will not be any charge. You may then proceed to close your account with SP Services after the transfer effective date. 

If you are renting or selling your property, kindly inform the new tenant or the new owner to apply for SP Services only after your account has been successfully switched back to SP Services to avoid the charge of $10.70 (inclusive of GST) for account closure collected on behalf of SP Services.

You may contact us at Tel : 6-DIAMOND (6-342-6663, +65 6342-6663 from overseas) or Email : for more information. 

Early Termination

The formula to calculate the early termination penalty is:

(50% of the average monthly bill based on the last 3 months’ bills) multiply by (number of unfulfilled contract months)


Supposed your last 3 months bills is $90, $140 and $130. Your average monthly bill is $120. 

You have 3 months remaining in your contract, when you want to proceed with an early termination, the amount is:

50% x ($120) x 3 months = $180


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