Less Energy Cost,
More Power Savings

Diamond Electric offers efficient solutions to manage
both your energy demand & supply to earn additional
revenue and reduce your electricity costs.

Diamond Electric Solutions

Diamond Electric Solutions

As a country with limited natural resources, Singapore has always needed to be prudent about energy management. Recent global events have shown how sensitive energy markets are to geopolitical events which affect volatility of the energy markets therefore it is necessary for us to not just focus on efficient energy generation but also to optimise energy use.

With our technology, we can eliminate the complexity and manage both your energy demand and your supply to maximize earnings and savings. Supporting a more stable and cleaner power grid, and aligning with Singapore's vision for a resilient and sustainable energy future.

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We focus on not just the supply of electricity to reduce your energy costs but also using technology to manage the demand side of your electricity consumption to generate additional revenue and to go green. Choose your preferred solutions and contact us now for a discussion with our experts.

Less Energy Cost, More Power Savings

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