Earn Revenue
With Demand Response

Participating in Demand Response, allows you
to earn additional revenue and reduce your carbon footprint
by shifting your power usage, all at no additional cost to you.

What is Demand Response?

Demand Response is a form of Demand Side Management

In times of peak demand or during a power plant failure, instead of generating the shortfall from traditional back-up power plants which takes time, Demand Response is a form of energy demand management which allows large energy consumers to act as Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) to temporary reduce or shift their non-essential power usage in exchange for payments. This will allow the power grid to stabilise and return price stability to the market.

Demand Response provides additional revenue for large energy consumers while supporting Singapore's vision of ensuring a clean, affordable and reliable energy future.

Save & Earn

Large energy consumers will earn money by being flexible in their electricity consumption and making the electricity load available for temporary reduction.

No Impact, No Cost

There will be no impact to your core business operations and no cost to your organization to participate in Demand Response.

Go Green, Get Paid

By participating in Demand Response, you will also be able to reduce your organization's carbon footprint and save on electricity cost by reducing your consumption.

We at Diamond Electric, understand every consumers is different therefore we will analyse your needs and deploy our suitable proprietary smart energy management system in your premise to monitor the electricity consumption and opportunities for you, to earn money from the energy market in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Demand Side Management
in Singapore

Interruptible Load Scheme

The Interruptible Load (“IL”) Scheme is a form of Demand Response that balances the demand and supply of energy to enhance the reliability of Singapore’s Power Grid.

The IL Scheme was introduced by Energy Market Authority (“EMA”) in 2004 and Diamond Electric (“DE”) is the first IL Aggregator with registered load in 2006.

In the event of peak demand or a power plant outage, IL Participants will temporarily reduce a portion of their energy consumption that is flexible.

IL Participants will receive payments for their participation, even when there are no IL Events.

Demand Response Programme

The Demand Response (“DR”) Programme was first introduced by Energy Market Authority (“EMA”) in 2016.

The DR Programme is designed to incentivize the reduction in demand to achieve lower electricity prices in the wholesale market during a generation shortfall event when supply is tight and prices are high.

These reductions will help to stablise the prices in the electricity market leading to cost savings to consumers and overall system efficiency.

DR Participants with flexible demand, will temporarily reduce a portion of their energy consumption during these events.

In exchange, DR Participants will receive incentives from Diamond Electric for participation.

How Interruptible Load Scheme Works

How Demand Response Programme Works

Diamond Electric's Demand Response Success Rate

In 2006, Diamond Electric was the 1st Aggregator in the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS) to provide Demand Response (Interruptible Load) in the ancillary service market. Diamond Electric is currently the largest Aggregator of Interruptible Load in Singapore.

We have managed more than 150 Events with 100% success rate.

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